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Hair & Makeup

Brides always express that Rashmi is a one stop shop for all bridal events as she offers draping, makeup and hair styling as part of her bridal packages (on request). This relieves the bride from finding and managing various vendors.

Rashmi offers all her clients a very comforting, detailed and relaxing service experience. She spends hours with each bride during their one-to-one consultation, understanding her needs and preferences for her drapes, makeup etc. She has an efficient team of makeup artists and hair stylists, who help her put together the final look after paying attention to details like the client’s skin type, her personality, color schemes and even minute details like hair accessories, bangle arrangements, bindi selection etc. Together her team along with the client finalize different looks for each wedding event, comprising the drape, makeup, hair etc. Being detail-oriented and passionate about her work, Rashmi not only pays attention to every minute detail but also promises a unique touch to each bride.