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The Sari from the Indian Culture is probably one of the oldest piece of clothing still worn today. The Sari is 6 yards of fabric which when draped in a particular manner gives rise to an attire that is complete in every aspect.What is wonderful about the Sari is that it is not a costume reserved only for traditional festivals or ceremonies. Irrespective of caste, religion or customs, the sari is still worn by Indian ladies going about their daily chores.

In fact the humble Indian sari has now gone global and one can find it in many avatars- the elegant gown for a cocktail event, timeless when captured on one’s wedding day and a million women going about their humdrum routine in this versatile attire.

This dramatic resurgence of the sari has been brought by the efforts of sari stylists like RASHMI SONI who have globalized this humble Indian attire and given it new parameters by introducing the modern woman to new sleek and chic draping styles which do not hinder their mobility and make them look more sensuous and graceful.

Rashmi Soni has been in the draping business for many years now and has been dressing the crème de la crème of the glamour industry. Draping the “oh-so-difficult-to-tame” garment the Sari - is an art. An art mastered by Rashmi’s talent over the years, by virtue of her natural aptitude, sincerity, hard work and devotion to the cause of globalizing this Indian attire. Over the years Rashmi’s creative ways of draping the Sari have won her an impressive list of clients.

In her experience, Rashmi has noticed that women have the misconception that a sari limits their mobility. But the key she finds lies in effective draping. The sari looks superbly elegant when you get the right drape but is prone to unspeakable wardrobe malfunctions if you get it wrong.

Rashmi dearly wishes that Indian woman should embrace this rich inheritance with all her heart and rather than struggling awkwardly, she should wear with pride what she believes is a symbol of grace and beauty – the eternally elegant Sari.

Rashmi works with her clientele to understand the requirement and gives them the perfect drape and accessories according to the occasion and her work is not only limited to the perfect drape. She has a team of hair and makeup artists who work with her (on request) to get together the perfect look for the occasion.

Rashmi conducts Sari draping classes and workshops. She gives Sari demonstrations and attends Fashion Shows worldwide.

Photo Courtsey: Cam Show World, Hair & Makeup: Samitavo Deb